Bail Bond Agents

Lodise Bail Bonds is the second oldest bail bond company in Michigan. It was started by Vincent Lodise in 1952, and in 1962 his son V. Dennis Lodise joined the company. For many years Lodise operated primarily in Jackson, Lenawee and Branch Counties. In 1980, Jeff Kirkpatrick joined the company and worked to expanded the company’s foot print to southern Michigan. Lodise Bail Bonds continued to grow and today has a solid network of agents across the State. In 1996, Jeff became the President of the Company and continues as its President today. Lodise Bail Bonds continues to service the entire State, with its network of skilled bail agents.

justiceLodise Bail Bonds has helpful representatives that can assure that you receive both efficient and effective bail bonds service. For more than 60 years, Lodise bail Bonds has been the most reliable name in the bail services industry in Michigan. Over that time, we have put forth unparalleled service to work for thousands of satisfied customers every year. We believe in the right to bail and our mission is to help you get out of jail, or to help you get your loved ones out of jail, in the shortest time possible. We will guide you through the process during this difficult time and be there for you the entire way. Our office posts bail bonds in all 83 counties of Michigan and most other states.

We are warning families and defendants to be very cautious when choosing a bondsman and agreeing on the contract provided by the bondsman. In Michigan, a bondsman may charge, as a fee, no more than 10 % of the bond amount. If a bondsman asks for more, be sure to clarify that any additional money is considered collateral and must be returned after the defendant attends all court dates. Secondly, be very cautious when choosing a bondsman to work with. There have been families, recently, who were working with what they thought was a bondsman only to have paid the individual and the defendant was never released. Additionally, if any bail bondsman claims to be our employee and is not conducting business in the office, feel free to ask why. While imitation may be the best form of flattery, for the real deal, always enter our office and speak with the bail bonds agent on duty.

You will only need to pay Lodise Bail Bonds a fraction of what the total bond amount would be and we will work with you on making bail financing arrangements if required. We have no hidden fees or charges. We offer easy financing and payment plans and have flexible collateral requirements.